Screenbid Media Company, LLC. - Boardwalk Empire's Emma Harrow's Plover County Past Due Notice (2)

Boardwalk Empire: Emma Harrow's Season 4 Episode 2 HERO Plover County Assessor Document Past Due Notice

Richard Harrow has been separated completely from the main action so far this season. Harrow’s killing spree, it turns out, was as a hitman. A man named Carl Billings met Harrow on a train and hired Harrow to kill his former business associates and the two men those business associates had sent to kill Billings. However, Harrow couldn’t pull the trigger on his final target. His trip home, and being with his sister Emma on the family farm, killed his assassin mojo. He can’t even put down the family dog. Now, he’s on a family farm with three years back taxes due, and with no way of earning the $11,000 owed, since his only abilities seem to be in killing men and fixing farm equipment. In the final scene, Carl Billings — who had to kill his business associate himself — calls Richard, having tracked him down using the tax bill Harrow had left in the dead business man’s office.

Emma Harrow's Season 4 Episode 2 HERO Plover County Assessor Document Past Due Notice

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