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We are the home for theatical film and network television connoisseurs, providing both a marketplace for auctions and buy-now sales, along with provenance confirmation and signed studio authentication.

Our Guarantee

If it wasn't part of the show or movie it will never be part of a Screenbid auction. Our guarantee is right there by the logo: Direct from the set. Every item you bid on is real and backed by not only us, but with a signed certificate of authenticity from the studio or network that provided it.

Screenbid is the exclusive auction partner of major studios and networks, which is why we are the most trusted site to find famous items from the most popular shows and movies. Gift it. Own it. Love it. With Screenbid, you can showcase a piece of your favorite show or film in your home or office.

Questions about how you can own a piece of Hollywood? Email us at For press inquiries, please contact us at (310) 287-0100 or Follow us for more updates!

Frequently asked questions

Are these items really from the studios and networks?

Absolutely. We’re the only auction site that can claim our items come directly from the studios and networks that produced the movie or show. When your item arrives, you can be sure that it came from the set to your door.

So you can prove they’re real?

We’ll provide you with a signed Certificate of Authenticity for every item we auction. We also post it on the item’s bidding page to assure you from the first moment you see it that it is 100% real. We can do this because we conduct auctions on behalf of studios and networks. We do not buy anything from a third party.

Do the wardrobe sizes match what I typically find in a store?

Yes-ish. The one thing to remember is some of these were tailored to the actor or actress who wore them. So it might be a medium, but it might also have been taken in or let out somewhere.

How does shipping work?

We have a team for that. You are also welcome to make other arrangements. Whether we ship to you, or if you make other arrangements, we include a $14.95 handling fee on all items ($24.95 for international delivery). Large items may require an additional fee. Our shipping department sends all items individually by UPS, and only one item per package, if you won multiple auctions. We’ll send you a tracking number so you can follow your package all the way to your door. If you’d like to pick your item(s), we’re located in Marina Del Rey, California. Just contact us at or call at (310) 287-0100.

How long does it take to ship?

Up to six weeks, but we can do rush deliver in case you need to show it off STAT.

Can you ship outside the United States?

Yep. There is a handling charge of $24.95 per item for international shipments, plus shipping fees (and in case it applies to you, tariffs, import fees or other requirements imposed by your country’s government). In the event that you refuse to accept a shipment and the item is returned to ScreenBid, you will be subject to a charge of 25% of the purchase price of the returned item, plus all shipping shipping charges incurred in the shipment and return shipment of the item. The balance of the price paid for the item and related fees will be issued only as a credit to be used against future auctions or ShopScreenBid purchases.

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Questions about how you can own a piece of Hollywood? Email us at

For press inquiries, please contact us at (310) 480-0123 or

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