1. Absolutely. We’re the only auction site that can claim our items come directly from the studios and networks that produced the movie or show. When your item arrives, you can be sure that it came from the set to your door.
  2. We’ll provide you with a signed Certificate of Authenticity for every item we auction. We also post it on the item’s bidding page to assure you from the first moment you see it that it is 100% real. We can do this because we conduct auctions on behalf of studios and networks. We do not buy anything from a third party.
  3. Rarely. Most of the items auctioned were used on screen (it will say so on the bid page) and therefore do not expect items to be in mint condition. It is very common that items for production have labels removed, makeup stains or look worn. In some instances, we acquire items that were purchased or manufactured for the show but never used. These items may still have the tags on them and will come with a different certification. See Authentication for more information.
  4. Yes-ish. The one thing to remember is some of these were tailored to the actor or actress who wore them. So it might be a medium, but it might also have been taken in or let out somewhere. Screenbid does not guarantee any size information we may display. Please note some brands do not list measurements in US sizes. We list the size on the item which may be an international form of measurement. Some items do not have sizing information. If they do not – sizing will state NA (not available) meaning we are unable to provide any sizing information on the item.
  5. Shipping will be charged upon checkout when the bids are closed and you’ve won the lot. Current shipping timeframe is one to six weeks. Large items may require an additional fee. Our shipping department will do its best to consolidate orders if you won multiple bids. Our preferred carriers are typically FedEx for domestic and DHL for International. Consolidated orders are not eligible for a discount in shipping fees. We’ll send you a tracking number so you can follow your package all the way to your door.
  6. Up to six weeks, but we strive for two to three weeks maximum.

    Certification occurs after the auction closes. This can take some time as we follow strict guidelines in authenticating all items. Your items are packaged and shipped after certification. Certificates of Authenticity and Hologram Seals are generated after you win your lot as these are tied to your sales record for historical authentication records.

  7. Absolutely! You are the importer of record (IOR) and are responsible for any and all duties, taxes and fees assessed against your shipment. Screenbid will declare the item at the value won upon closing of the lot. In the event that you refuse to accept a shipment and the item is returned to Screenbid or abandoned by Screenbid upon your refusal to accept the shipment, (Screenbid reserves the right to abandon the shipment and not authorize a return) you will be subject to a charge of 25% of the purchase price of the returned item, plus all shipping charges and any duties and taxes assessed to your item reversed to Screenbid. Any remaining balance will be issued to you as a credit for a future purchase. Screenbid reserves the right to close your account for any subsequent refusals.
  8. All props are sold AS IS on Screenbid. Props were either acquired or manufactured for the production of the show or movie. As such, some may not function as expected. Screenbid does not guarantee the functionality of any prop sold.

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